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Kelley McClung is an artist of immersive environments and designer of light, projection, and sound. Her current work is about the influence of re-mediation collage in the form of sculptural media, digital media, performance and installation. She has been producing time-based media installations, immersive environments and production designs since the late 80’s. Her work has been seen at the Prague Quadrennial , Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, Paris, France, Shanghai, China, and productions or projects in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, NY, and numerous other US and International cities. In 2008 she became a founding member of the Medeology Collective and in 2000 she created P.I.G. (Performance Installation Group) in Savannah, GA. Professor McClung has received several fellowships including a Kennedy Center Lighting Fellowship. She currently is a faculty member at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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